Gohma Edit

Upon entering the boss room, Link must look up into the roof of the room, where Queen Gohma is situated. Then
Queen Gohma drops to the floor. To defeat this boss, Link must use his fairy slingshot to hit Queen Gohma in the eye when it turns red, Deku Nuts can also be used to hit the eye. After being hit, Queen Gohma is temporarily stunned, which is when Link must hit her eye with his Kokiri Sword or Deku Stick. After recovering, Queen Gohma will climb onto the ceiling and summon Gohma Larvae to attack Link. When Queen Gohma is laying eggs, Link can shoot her with his fairy slingshot again. This will stun her and cause her to drop to the ground, which allows Link to hit her with his short-ranged weapons again. Once Queen Gohma is hit enough times, she will die and disintegrate into blue flames, leaving behind a heart container. Happy boss battling! TomSka13

King Dodongo Edit

King Dodongo is an incredibly simple boss which seems to catch a lot of people, especially people like me, off guard. Be sure to stock up on bombs, however, or you will be forced to use the rather fiddly Bomb Flower. King Dodongo will breathe a fireball at you, then roll around. When he rolls around, stand in a corner or at the very edge of the lava and you will not be hurt. Then, he will walk. As soon as he faces you, Z-Target him, get a bomb out, and run towards him. As soon as he shows his teeth, throw your bomb and he will collapse. Attack him, or, for the most damage, sky attack him with a Deku Stick. Rinse and repeat. After 2-5 hits, King Dodongo will be defeated! JAYLEBYRD

Barinade Edit

Barinade is a simple boss if you know what to do. FIRST FORM - When Barinade opens, Jellyfish will spin with it. While this is happening, use your boomerang to hit the Jellyfish. When the Jellyfsh are gone, use the boomerang to hit its body. Repeat this. SECOND FORM - Barinade will be stuck in the floor trying to zap you. Target on the top with the boomerang and STAY IN MOTION. LAST FORM - Barinade will open up and when it does that, use the boomerang to hit the body then run up and slice with the sword. Repeat this and Barinade will be defeated! Bandanna D

Phantom Ganon Edit

Deflect the magic he shoots at you with your sword. Then Get out your bow and wait for him to show up in a picture. If he turns around in the picture, you are looking at the wrong picture and will get hit soon. If he keeps coming, shoot him as fast as you can. You might get dizzy at this part from spinning around to look at all of the pictures. Hoshii no Kaabii - Talk

Volvagia Edit

Get out your hammer and wait for him to pop out of a hole. Hit him in the head with your hammer as many times as you can, then block when he flies around and drops rocks. Z-Targeting is recommended. This will prevent many deaths that should never have happened. Hoshii no Kaabii - Talk

Morpha Edit

Use the Long Shot on the brain sphere in the water. One it is revealed, hit him with your sword repeatedly. Run around and jump as much as you can to dodge his grabs. Z-Targeting is recommended. Repeat this over and over and you should beat him. Hoshii no Kaabii - Talk

An alternative way that makes the battle a lot quicker is to trap the sphere in a corner by repeatedly longshotting it and moving around it. You can attack it as much as you want and it can't escape, allowing you to complete the battle incredibly easily. JAYLEBYRD

Bongo Bongo Edit

Shoot its hands, then use the Lens of Truth to see the boss and them shoot his headless neck with an arrow. Then run up to it and slice it repeatedly. Z-Targeting is recommended. Rinse and repeat. Hoshii no Kaabii - Talk JAYLEBYRD

Twinrova Edit

Deflect the fire into the ice witch and the ice into the fire witch using the Mirror Shield. After a little, they will combine and become Twinrova. Now you need to absorb three fire balls or ice blasts, then aim your shield at Twinrova. The energy will be released and you will be able to jump to a platform and slice her with your sword if you hit her with the energy. You have to collect three fire balls or ice blasts in a row. If you have two fire balls absorbed and you absorb and ice blast, you cannot release fire energy next time you absorb a fire ball. Hoshii no Kaabii - Talk

Ganondorf Edit

Play a round of Dead Man's Volley with Ganondorf until he is hit. Then use a light arrow to make him fall down. Leap to his platform and attack him. If you are low on life, there are pots at the bottom of the battleground that you can find items in. Jump as much as possible and use Z-Targeting often. Hoshii no Kaabii - Talk

Ganon Edit

Hit Ganon in the face with a light arrow and roll over to his tail and use the Biggoron Sword on it. If you do not have the Biggoron Sword, read the guide to get it. If you are at the part and you cannot do anything to get the sword at the moment, you can use Deku Nuts, Deku Sticks, or the Megaton Hammer. After you get the Master Sword back, nothing changes. Just continue hitting him until you can land a final blow. Hoshii no Kaabii - Talk JAYLEBYRD

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