Phantom Ganon is an enemy in Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventures, and Twilight Princess.

In Ocarina of TimeEdit

In Ocarina of Time, he is the boss of the Forest Temple, where his battle has two stages.

STAGE 1: Two Phantom Ganons appear in paintings all across the room. You have to distinguish which Phantom Ganon is the real one, then shoot it with your bow when it glows purple and leaps out of the painting. Do this three times to move on to stage two.

STAGE 2: Phantom Ganon flies across the room, and shoots balls of energy at you. Z-target (or L-target, in the 3DS version) him, and swing your sword until he drops to the floor. Then run up to him and attack him, and repeat until he dies!

In The Wind WakerEdit


Phantom Ganon in The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, he is a Mini-Boss in the Forsaken Fortress and Ganon's Tower. He has three attacks:

  • He fires a blue orb at Link.
  • He appears on the ground and swings his sword at Link.
  • He fires a red energy ball, which splits up into smaller energy balls. (This only happens in Ganon's Tower)

In Forsaken Fortress, you get the Skull Hammer after beating him. In Ganon's Tower, you get his sword. His sword has the names "Zubora" and "Gabora" on it. Those are the names of the smithies in Majora's Mask.

In Four Swords AdventuresEdit


Phantom Ganon from Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, he is a rare enemy, only appearing twice in the whole game, but is relatively easy to beat. You need to wait until he fires an orb, then use your sword to swing it back at him. The second time is basically exactly the same, but he has multiple clones. However, the clones' orbs will break when hit by your sword, whereas the real one's will be deflected.

In Twilight PrincessEdit

Phantom Rider

Phantom Ganon from Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, there are multiple Phantom Ganons, which are just minor distractions in the horseback fight against Ganondorf. They will immediately perish if they miss Link, or if Link attacks them with his sword. They are definitely the lowest form of Phantom Ganon to this day.

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