thumb|177px|rightThis particular Postman has appeared in three Zelda games. There is another postman in Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass. For the bird-postman in Outset Island in the Wind Waker, see Rito Postman.

Ocarina of Time Edit

The postman runs around Hyrule Field and is willing to buy the bunny hood for as much money as your wallet holds when you are a child. As adult Link, he races you from Gerudo Valley to Kokiri Forest.

Majora's Mask Edit

The postman doesn't leave Termina when the moon is going to crash because it is not on his schedule. He gives you a challenge where you have to press a button right at the tenth second.

Twilight Princess Edit

In Twilight Princess the postman delivers your mail. He is sort of a strange character; showing up at the most random times, hiding in weird areas, and you cannot forget about his outfit. You can tell he's strange the second you see the way he runs.