200px-KSSU Snack Tracks
This is a Kirby Super Star Ultra minigame where you need to eat food and avoid rocks, bombs and worms. The Kirby which ate the most food wins.


Kirby, Keeby, Red Kirby and Green Kirby will stand in rails. If food comes let Kirby eat it and do nothing. If you see a bomb, worm or rock tap the rock 2 times, the worm 1 time and the bomb will be thrown to a rival. The bomb will change color when you and the rivals throw it a lot then if no one eats the bomb the bomb will be destroyed and do nothing. If the bomb changes color and you or another Kirby eats them they will lose lots of points. When there's 30 seconds left all the Kirby's change rails.


  • Some worms appear in Maxim Tomatoes. Tap the worm but not the tomato.
  • The rocks only appear in Level 2 or 3.
  • When a rival eats a bomb his rail will slow down again.
  • You can't tap rival's rails.
  • If you tap a food you'll loose your bonus points.
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