Stallord is an enemy in Twilight Princess and Link's Crossbow Training.

Twilight PrincessEdit

In Twilight Princess, Stallord is the boss of Arbiter's Grounds, and the fourth boss in the game. It is the only boss in the game prior to Zant that was not created by coming into contact with a Fused Shadow or a shard of the Mirror of Twilight. Stallord is the lifeless skeleton of a huge beast which is stabbed in the head by Zant, reanimating it. Its battle has two stages...

STAGE 1 - Link must ride the spinner around a quicksand pit, dodging skeletal warriors and cracking Stallord's spine. After that, Link must spin the gear, creating a huge tower.

STAGE 2 - Stallord's head rises and starts shooting fireballs at Link. He must jump from side to side of the tower. When Stallord gets close to Link, he must jump on him, drop down and slash at the sword in Stallord's head. Rinse and repeat.

Link's Crossbow TrainingEdit

Stallord is the final boss in the game. He attacks by shooting Bubbles and striking Link with his hands. He is vulnerable in the palms and the head. he looks very similar to the Twilight Princess version, except without the sword in his head and 10 horns instead of 4. Armogohma's theme plays in the background instead of Stallord's.

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