Hello, this is TomSka13 with my walkthrough on Skyview Temple. If you are not familiar with Skyview Temple, it is the first temple in Skyward Sword. Being the first temple in the game it is relatively easy, but you cannot dowse for Zelda inside the temple. This temple is located in the deep woods, in the forest region. When you first walk into the t

Skyview Temple

emple, there is an eerie hallway leading down, lit by glowing mushrooms. When you start to walk down the hallway, the first thing you will encounter is a codweb, if you walk into it simply shake the wii remote to brake free, there will also be a few bats which you can easily kill with your sword. Further down the hallway there will be a locked door on your left, to unlock this door climb onto the ledge directly in front of you. On the ledge the will be a plant-like monster called a Deku Baba, to kill this monster simply swipe your sword at the angle of it's mouth. After you have killed this monster, hit the large pink crystal in front of you, these crystals activate certain doors and other puzzles, you will incounter more of these on your adventure. Once you have hit that crystal, it will unlock the door below you. When you go through that door the first thing you will notice is a strange looking eyeball over another locked door. The first time I did this I was co

The Troublesome Eyeball

mpletely confused, but the answer is actually very simple. The eyeball is locking the door and it can only be unlocked by killing it. The eyeball will always follow the tip of your sword, so simply move the wii remote in a circular motion until the eyeball becomes angry, once it is angry it will fall to the ground, unlocking the door. But what is behind that door you ask? Well, you'll have to find out.
Game Guide

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