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Story Edit

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In the starting of a new day, Link, a young engineer goes to Hyrule Castle for his ceremony. During the ceremony, Zelda takes Link aside and gives him directions to were her room was. Link sneaks past the castle guards to Zelda's room and she tells him the horrible news that the Spirit Tracks ars dissapearing. Zelda asks Link to help her escape the castle and to the Tower of Spirits to meet a wise woman, Anjean. They made it to Link's train. While he was driving the Spirit Tracks disappeared and he crashed. Two people, Chancellor Cole and Byrne attacked and stole Zelda's body. They were using the body to revive they're leader Malladus.

Gameplay Edit

You travel in a train to varius locations and go through dungeons and earn weapons or items. You control your character using the stylus. Zelda's spirit helps you on your quest.

Spirit Flute Songs Edit

  • Song of Awakening - It wakes up statues that help you out.
  • Song of Healing - It heals you, but you can use this once in dungeons.
  • Song of Birds - It calls nearby birds.
  • Song of Light - It lights up certain objects.
  • Song of Discovery - It makes hidden objects appear.

Weapons Edit

  • Whirlwind - Blows things away
  • Boomerang - You draw the path and it follows it.
  • Snake Whip - You can grab onto things and pull them. You can use it to swing on wooden poles too.
  • Bow & Arrow - It works just like any bow and arrow.
  • Bomb - They can be used to blow stuff up.
  • Sand Wand - You can raise or lower sand using the Touch Screen

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