is known as one of the worst characters of the Zelda series just for being weird. But is that really all there is to him? In The Wind Waker, he dug out an area in his jail cell and hid a picto box there. He said he was the first person to be there. Skulls litter the floor in that area. Is he hiding more than the Picto Box? On his island, Ankle tells you to use the Tingle Tuner so that Tingle will be nice to them. "Oh so nice."

The Tingle Theory has been influenced by PeanutButterGamer. Don't post your theories or anyone else's theories on this wiki. Only certain ones that are most widely accepted among fans are fine after asking the founder. Most theories on this wiki are already on their proper pages, and they are on official Zelda websites, making them fine to post.

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