Twister is a regular enemy who appears first time in Kirby's Adventure. It gives you the Tornado ability when it's swallowed by Kirby. It appears in many games but the some of them for give points as Kirby's Pinball Land, 2 Kirbys has 2 Twisters in his hands. If Kirby (the ball) touch the Twister they will spin and give points as the same as Kirby Mass Attack in the mini-game Kirby Brawlball. Also they appear in Kirby's Block Ball but they only gives you points. No an ability. In Kirby's Dream Course his first appearance is in the Course 4.


They only spin when Kirby (Or a playable character) gets close touching them and causing damage to them. Also in some games when he spins he is invensible as the Tornado ability. But they spin sometimes out of control, and sometimes follow the target.

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