I just got Pokémon Red today!!! I'm stuck though. I am in love with all three starters, so I can't choose. I want you guys to vote. I want Squirtle, but I also want Charizard to be involved somehow. Also, Charizard can fly, so I won't have to use a Pidgey to do so. The starter is always who I use the most. Forget legendaries.

Charmander - Fire types are my favorite. Plus, Charizard is awesome. However, the first two gyms are rock and water. Also, I want my rival to have a cool Pokémon, and he definitely will when he chooses Squirtle.

Squirtle - I can do great on the first gym. Plus, he's one of my favorite starters of all the games. The down side is that my rival will get Bulbasaur, making Charizard completely uninvolved.

Bulbasaur - I can do great on the first two gyms, and Charizard will be involved. But his evolutions are very bland.

Who should I choose?

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