Vaati is the main antagonist of The Minish Cap, Four Swords, and Four Swords Adventures, in the order of the Zelda timeline.

Minish Cap Edit

Vaati turns Zelda to stone after breaking the prison of a great evil and winning the sword fighting contest. He was the apprentice of the Minish Ezlo. You fight him three times, as Vaati Reborn, Vaati Transfigured, and Vaati's Wrath.

Four Swords Edit

Vaati Four Swords

Vaati escapes the Four Sword and tries to marry Zelda.

Vaati StatueEdit

Vaati posesses a statue and creates a tornado underneath him. Try to avoid being sucked in, and throw bombs into the tornado. Make him hit the ground a few times and you have won! Sadly, he comes back to life.

Four Swords Adventures Edit

Vaati escapes when Link is forced to draw the Four Sword when he is tempted by Dark Link.

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