185px-Valle Verdura (KPDL)
Vegetable Valley Intro
The Vegetable Valley (Valle Verdura in Spanish) is the level 1 of Kirby's Adventure and its remake. It just consist in 4 little and easy stages.


Kirby's AdventureEdit

Kirby was battleling with Blade Knight. Kirby was having his Sword ability. Then Blade Knight throw Kirby's sword away, and Kirby was nervous because he lost his sword and he can't do anything. Then Blade Knight gets close and Kirby swallow him and he recover his sword ability.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream LandEdit

A Blade Knight was close to kill Kirby and Kirby was walking inverse because he though he will be defeat, then he saw that there was no more floor and when he was nearly to fall, he swallow Blade Knight and turn into sword Kirby.


Kirby's AdventureEdit

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream LandEdit

Secret RoomsEdit

HAL RoomEdit

Check the HAL Rooms page.

UFO RoomEdit

Check the U.F.O. page.

1UP RoomEdit

In the stage 2 when you see a Cappy and a Sword Knight nearly of the stairs floor there's a secret door. When you entrance you will find a 1-Up and a Broton Burt. (The Broton Burt will follow you to hurt you.)


NOTE: Maybe this seccion has more enemies.




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