Wheel (Rueda in Spanish) is definitely the fastest ability in the games. Kirby will start off with his hat and then turn into a wheel. If you get the scroll in Kirby Squeak Squad, you can become a fire wheel, ice wheel, or electric wheel by rolling into that element.
Wheel anime


Anime Edit

Kirby appears in the hat for a few seconds before turning into the wheel. It appears in The Kirby Derby-Part 2 and Born to be Mild. Kirby does 5 laps in The Kirby Derby before King Dedede does one.

Flavour TextsEdit

Kirby's Adventure: Kirby turns into a wheel and can move at super speed! But watch for obstacles and excess speed!
Kirby Super Star: Roll over your enemies! Call a helper and ride the Wheel. Watch out for thorns and don't speed!
Kirby's Dream Course: None.
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land: I ride like the wind! Fast! Too fast!
Kirby Air Ride: None.
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror: I ride like the wind! Fast! Too fast!
Kirby Canvas Curse: Use lines to turn sharply!
Kirby Squeak Squad: I ride like the Wind


Kirby Super Star Ultra: Roll to be nearly invincible or ride a Wheel Helper! Beware thorns and holes.

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