Whispy woods.

Whispy Woods is the first boss of almost every Kirby game. The only game he does not appear in is Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, which has a boss just like him.

Kirby's Dream Land Edit

He is no doubt the easiest boss in the game; this is no opinion. The only things that the player has to watch out for are walking into him and the air shots. The air shots can easily be dodged by staying close to Whispy. This strategy is even easier in later games, as you are allowed to touch Whispy. The apples he drops can also hurt you, but they are the ammunition for the battle. In Extra Mode, he goes from being the easiest video game boss ever to your worst nightmare. It is possible for him to destroy Kirby in 2 hits.


Whispy Woods is mostly the same, except he has purple leaves and can shoot tornadoes from his mouth.

Anime Edit

Whispy Woods is the guardian of Whispy Woods. He became a friend of Kirby and his friends after they helped save the woods from King Dedede's plan of a country club. He died once, but Kirby brought him back to life with one of his apple seeds.



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