WolfWrath's Death

Wolfwrath's Death

185px-Wolf Meta Knight

Metaknight battling Wolfwrath

Wolfwrath is an enemy exclusive to the anime. It is said in the Japanese version that he was made in the fires of Hell. This fact makes complete sense in Japan since the monsters are called demon beasts. Wolfwrath's only appearance in the anime is the episode "Hour of the Wolfwrath" aka "Sword and Blade: Loyal and True". Meta Knight had battled this monster in the war. In the particular battlefield, Meta Knight and Wolfwrath are the last two alive. Sword and Blade are atacked by the monster when they try to rob Meta Knight. Meta Knight takes Wolfwrath into the water to kill it. (This is a fire kind of monster.) Years later in Dream Land, King Dedede orders this strong but disobedient monster. It immediately runs away to find Kirby, so King Dedede puts the castle on lock-down. Kirby is playing in the court-yard with Tuff when he finds Wolfwrath. Meta Knight comes with Sword and Blade to protect Kirby. Remembering Meta Knight, Wolfwrath turns his attention towards him. Sword and Blade are ordered by Meta Knight to escort Kirby to their room. He then battles the monster. Meta Knight meets up with Sword,

Blade, and Kirby but also with Wolfwrath. Meta Knight gets a paralyzing fang stuck in his head, knocking him unconsious. Sword and Blade forget their former orders to save Meta Knight. In the end, Kirby swallows Galaxia and defeats the monster. This saves Meta Knight and the castle from any more fire. (Wolfwrath uses fire for energy.)