Yellow Chuchus are types of ChuChu that appear in the Zelda series. They are similar in every game except Majora's Mask.

Majora's MaskEdit

Yellow Chuchus are simple enemies that are defeated with one sword strike and drop an arrow when defeated.

The Wind WakerEdit

Yellow Chuchus in this game are electric and can electrocute Link. If attacked with the sword, the electricity runs through the sword and damages Link, so it must be destroyed with ranged items.

Phantom Hourglass and Spirit TracksEdit

Yellow Chuchu PH
They are simmilar to Yellow Chuchus from the Wind Waker but the map stays pixellated for a while, even after Link has recovered.

Skyward SwordEdit

They have the new ChuChu look and are not always electrified.
Yellow Chuchu SS

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