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Princess Zelda

Zelda is the princess of Hyrule. She may be like Link where there are different ones at different times. She also has a toon form like Link. She appears or is at least mentioned in every Legend of Zelda game
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Toon Zelda


The Legend of Zelda

Zelda is kidnapped by Ganon in this game and lets Link know at the beginning of the game. She is rescued at the end of the game after you defeat Ganon.

Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Zelda is cursed by one of her magicians and is put in a deep sleep. You save her at the end of the game after defeating Dark Link. This Zelda is the ancestor of the Zelda from the first game.

A Link to the Past

Zelda is rescued at the beginning of the game. She is the last if the maidens that the evil wizard Agahnim needs for his plan.

Link's Awakening

Zelda is not in this game, however, she is mentioned at the beginning of the game when Link mistakes somebody else for her.

Ocarina of Time

70px-Young Princess Zelda (Ocarina of Time)

Young Zelda

Zelda is first seen as a child in this game. She and her guardian Impa escape the castle shortly before Link is attacked by Ganondorf. She entrusts the Ocarina of Time to Link so that he can protect it from Ganondorf. This was a huge mistake because Link accidentally opened the way to the Sacred Realm. Ganondorf gets the Triforce of Power and tries to find Zelda, but she is disguised as Sheik.

Majora's Mask

Zelda is only seen in a flash-back where she teaches Link the Song of Time. The flash-back isn't taken from Ocarina of Time, but rather the unseen ending of it where Link starts a journey to find Navi. You could tell because Link is riding on Epona. Also, a little information about that is in the manga.

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

Zelda orders Impa to guard Din and Nayru and escort them back to Hyrule. She is kidnapped in both games. Once both games are complete, she is kidnapped by Twinrova. Twinrova is attempting to bring back Ganon.

Four Swords

Zelda goes to the sanctuary with Link to check on the seal holding Vaati, the Four Sword. She is kidnapped by Vaati and forced to marry him. Link saves her and the marriage doesn't happen.

Wind Waker

OoT Orchestrated - 26 Zelda's Theme

OoT Orchestrated - 26 Zelda's Theme

Zelda's Theme

Zelda is a pirate named Tetra that wears a Triforce necklace. She is discovered by Ganondorf but he is not able to capture her. After that, she finds out her true identity in the underwater land of Hyrule.

Four Swords Adventures

Zelda, Link, and six maidens go to check on Vaati's seal, but they are attacked by Shadow Link, who was sent by Ganon. Link is forced to draw the Four Sword, and thus Vaati comes back.

The Minish Cap

Zelda takes Link to the Picori festival and is turned to stone by Vaati. Vaati wants to sacrifice Zelda so that he can become a god. Link reforges the Four Sword and defeats him.

Twilight Princess

Zelda chooses to be imprisoned in a tower by Zant to keep her people safe. She meets Wolf Link in this tower. She is not turned into a spirit unlike the others who became imprisoned in twilight. Near the end of the game, she is possessed by Ganondorf. After defeating her and Ganon Beast, Midna tranports Link and Zelda outside. You fight the final battle alongside her.

Phantom Hourglass

Zelda is only shown in the introduction, but she is in the form of Tetra in the game.

Spirit Tracks

Zelda's body is taken by the Demon King Malladus, so she is a spirit inside a knight's armor that aids you in your quest.

Skyward Sword

Zelda is Link's friend and is not a princess. She is swept off of her loftwing by a tornado, but is rescued by Impa. She gives Link the Goddess Harp before escaping Ghirahim. They both have a secret love for each other.


Zelda is a hylian, obviously, since she's the princess of Hyrule.


Tetra is Princess Zelda's other form from The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks (there is a painting of Tetra in Hyrule Castle). In Phantom Hourglass Tetra is quite annoying.



In Wind Waker, she is a pirate who the mail man of Outset Island blames for Aryll's kidnapping. After you're failure at Forsaken Fortress, you don't see her again until when you get bombs. She saves you the second time you go to the Forsaken Fortress, but her true identity (Zelda) is discovered by Ganondorf when the Triforce of Power resonates on his hand.