Zombon is the zombie version of Beanbon in Kirby Mass Attack. It will throw poison bubbles, but unlike other enemies poison, their poison is red. This poison will tun Kirby into a Zombon. You will have to beat the new Zombon quickly to turn him back into a regular Kirby. If you don't save him in time, he will die and you'll needd 100 fruits to bring him back. You could, however, stop the process of Kirby turning into a Zombon. Just tap Kirby as he is turning into the Zombon inside the red bubble with one tap.

Name Origin Edit

"Zombon" has the first part of zombie, which the appearance shows he clearly is. "Zombon" includes a part of Beanbon's name, which means that Zombon is a zombified form of Beanbon.

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